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We set up Peak Spirit because we experienced first-hand the benefits of lifestyle and nutrition on health.

We’re pharmacists by trade, but nutrition has always been our passion. In fact, the nutritional advice we gave was often more popular with our customers than what the doctor had ordered. It was time to start helping people on a bigger level.  Peak Spirit was born.

So too was our family. The truth is when you have children of your own you realise how amazing the human body is and you want to make the world a better place for them. We became even more committed to being a real force for good and changing the way people saw their health.

Our mission is to support the human body in all its natural wonder. With plant powered multinutrients that help you feel your best every day. We’re fed up of seeing people bogged down in fatigue and burnt out. 

Let’s aim for 100%. Let’s be awesome every day. 

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