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Ten ways to be more attractive to potential partners!

Ten ways to be more attractive to potential partners!

 Let’s face it, we all want to be adored and get a ‘right’ swipe in life. But the rules of attraction require more than just good luck, to become the irresistible woman or man of your dreams.

 Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than Brad Pitt looks and Kim Kardashian contouring skills to be a hit with the opposite, or same, sex.

So then, what actually makes a man attractive – or a woman for that matter?


In this feature we’ll look at some of the proven and scientific ways to be more attractive. From your scent down to your laughing skills - here’s some tried and tested ways for those wondering how to become physically attractive.

  1. Be yourself

Step one in learning how to become physically attractive, starts with the most obvious point: being yourself. It’s no coincidence that we naturally gravitate to people who are self-assured, confident and comfortable in their own skin. The same is true of relationships.


If you’re wondering how to look attractive to guys or girls, it all stems from how you feel about yourself. Learning to love yourself and be happy with who you are can take time. It means learning to enjoy your own company, accepting who you are and believing in yourself.


Let’s be blunt, we all know an average looking friend who gets all the girls and guys  - right!? It’s not down to luck, it’s down to an inner magnetism, deriving from being happy with who you are.


  1. Make them laugh

Have you ever heard of someone being ‘laughed into bed’… yep, it’s true! Being

sexually attracted to someone just because they’re laugh-out-loud funny is a thing. Don’t believe us, then let the science speak for itself.

A study involving men telling jokes with each other at a bar, found that the comedic guy was perceived as more attractive by women. It’s just one of several studies that show that being funny is an attractive male characteristic.


  1. Check your non-verbal communications

We say more with our body language than we do with words. In fact, just 7 per cent of what we say matters, the vast majority of how we communicate comes from non-verbal cues.


Once you’re aware of this, it all starts to make more sense. Start uncrossing your arms, stop crossing your legs – look open, look welcoming – it’s obvious really…


For men, expansive posture is also quite telling. Better known as ‘manspreading’ this ‘welcoming’ posture quite literally invites people in!


  1. Lock eyes

Speaking of non-verbal communication, if you’re wondering how to be irresistible to everyone, then start paying more attention to eye contact.


The ability to hold eye contact shows an inner-confidence and a hint of sexiness. It shows that you’re not shying away, and invites the other person in to your realm.


The concept is nothing new. Way back in the shoulder-pad wearing late eighties, a scientific study found that eye contact alone could make a person fall in love with you – in some cases, in less than two-minutes. For anyone attempting speed-dating, this is one to try out!


  1. Do a Clooney

Could there be a reason why George Clooney, the man that gets better with age, is eternally attractive to women?


According to experts, women find older men attractive. In part it may be an evolutionary thing, or possibly because of perceived stability -especially financial stability, that some women crave.


Either way, if you want to know how to appear more attractive as a man, it’s time to let the beard grow and grey hairs sprout through. Best to avoid the socks and sandals look, eh…


  1. A splash of red

Who would have thought that the colour red could make you sexually attracted to someone? Well, it’s true.


Ladies, whip out that postbox red lipstick – men, invest in some red trainers. Because the results are in and they show that red is the colour of stimulation.


Red lipstick has long been linked to a heightened attractiveness, as famously worn by Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift and other on-screen sirens. Fashion house Chanel looked into this and found that red lips make a person look younger and more attractive at the same time.


However, it works both ways, because a global study found that woman are more attracted to men wearing red too. What a time to be a Manchester United fan!


  1. Be the best version of yourself

Looking ‘your best’ is all-too-often misinterpreted. This doesn’t necessarily mean looking toned or muscly, skinny or curvy – it means being the best version of yourself.


That comes down to looking after yourself – physically and mentally. Ensuring you make time for exercise, to indulge your creative side, and to be fulfilled at work and at home. For some people this means going to the gym, for others it’s looking after their nutrition and vitamin intake, for others it’s investing in beauty products.


Simply put, if you want to know how to endear yourself to a woman or man, first look at how you can be the best version of yourself.


  1. Get a dog

Wondering how to endear yourself to a woman – it’s simple, get a dog!


If you’re wondering what actually makes a man attractive – look no further than his fury friend, and by that we mean the four-legged kind! Studies show that women are three times more likely to give their phone number to a man with a dog. One of the reasons is that, dogs are seen as an ice-breaker and facilitator of conversation. 


  1. Smell well

There are a number of factors when it comes to knowing what attracts a man to a woman sexually and vice versa. But scientists have been able to confirm, with some certainty, that smell plays a big role.


A study as far back as 1977 uncovered that attractiveness is linked to a number of factors, including physical appearance, voice and… body odour. As you might have guessed, some odours are more pleasant than others.


Further studies have honed in on pheromones (produced by sweat, saliva and urine) being responsible for sexual desire. So, if you want to know how to make men want you, or women for that matter, then it’s all to do with your body’s chemistry.


While this is one area that’s somewhat harder to control, there are actually pheromone sprays and products that you might just want to try out.


  1. Being kind

As the saying goes, in a world where you can be anything – be kind. That’s the philosophy behind this final pointer, because kindness is one of the things that attract each other to people.


According to research undertaken by the British Journal of Psychology, ‘altruistic’ behaviours, like volunteering or helping a child in need, can all enhance someone’s attractiveness.


Other similar studies have found that we sometimes associate positive traits like kindness, with more attractive people. A phenomenon also known as ‘the halo effect’.


Final take-out

While the quest for finding how to become physically attractive continues, it’s clear that there’s some better ways to present ourselves to potential partners.


From reaching for the pheromone wipes, to learning how to crack a joke, and showing-off our charity spirit, to buying a pet dog! But if there’s one thing we can take out of this, it’s that being our best version of ourselves is undoubtedly the most worthy of all investments.