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Sleep… why it deserves more respect!

Sleep… why it deserves more respect!

Yawning right now? Be careful!

Some mosquito might be waiting to find a place in your mouth!

Control your eyes for a few minutes and think, "if it's not the bedtime, why am I yawning"?

Is it your significant other who’s not letting you sleep, or your boss looks horrible in your dreams too?

Or, probably you didn't have a good sleep the other night. How long do you sleep every day?

If it’s even less than 6 hours, you're not utilizing the one-third span of your life primarily reserved for sleep!

We humans never prioritize our sleep which is why it leads to some silly incidents like the one quoted below;

One of the sleep-deprived humans shared what he did!

While going to sleep, he put both his contacts into one eye. Just imagine, both contacts in one eye! Well, that was not enough.

He almost mistook a nail glue as his contact solution. He forgot about his dogs terrifically shivering from the cold outside

Looking for his glasses all around, while he was wearing them on his head, he put the dustpan in the refrigerator, milk near the broom, and searching for butter in the dish cabinet.

He couldn't even notice the difference in his pumps and the suit. Such a pathetic situation, just because he hasn’t slept properly for long.

Your version can be more idiotic than this if you overlook the importance of sleep.

Insomnia, depression, and nightmares will keep horrifying you. Why?

Sleep also follows the same rule; give respect to get respect!

If you are rude to your sleep, ignoring when it wants your eyes to shut for a while, how can you expect it to be friendly the other time? Well, we aren't asking you to sleep like a brown bat (19.9 hours a day). But you should spend 7-9 hours with your sleep to keep it from hovering over your eyes the whole day.

You'll start reaping the benefits of sleeping when you realize what it means to have quality time cuddling your quilt and the pillows caressing your hairs.

Here's why pampering your sleep makes sense

Does your favorite pillow seem no longer kind to you? Is your mattress pushing you away?

Probably, you were not spending quality time with them.

We hope, after having a read, you won't dare to betray your sleep again if you don’t want it to follow you all day! Take a look -

Just imagine!

You woke up in the morning, all prepared for an important presentation that you have to deliver today. Piling up your documents, you reached your office, entered the conference room, and opened your briefcase.

What you found were electricity bills lying comfortably in your files!

Sounds terrific? Thankfully, it was just a horrible dream. But some people do face it in reality very often.

The primary concern about sleep deprivation is the lack of concentration and productivity. If you didn't get enough time to sleep, you would wake up all lost in your thoughts. There's no room for enthusiasm, your mood charger.

An employee is known for his capability to work as an asset for an organization. If you fail to stay productive, your boss’s going to kick you out!

Get adequate sleep every day. It will keep you fresh and active all along.

1.    Stop dieting start sleeping - no more weight gain

Staring regularly at your tummy peeking out over the belly would not help you lose weight. But sleeping would definitely do (not if you're foody with no exercising tendency!).

Well, lack of sleep may not directly contribute to obesity, but it prevents you from having a healthy lifestyle. Factors like age, lower education level, more sitting time, less physical activity, working longer hours, hypertension, and diabetes, combined with short sleep resulting in obesity.

While sleeplessness and being overweight have no significant connection, the quality of your sleep can affect other factors, triggering weight gain.

There's no energy to exercise, no mood to work, and no interest in the surroundings. You get up unintentionally and spend your day waiting for the night!

It keeps you away from all the physical and mental functioning. All you can do is, begin the countdown, to go into your bed again.

Maybe now it clicks why sleep is important in reducing the risk of weight gain.

3.    Limited calorie intake

Unless you want to have a big appetite, full of calories, ignore your sleep.

Get a bulging bump on your skin again, and you will start laughing on the person standing in front of the mirror.

Science proves that sleep deprivation triggers calorie intake in individuals.

Have you noticed feeling hungry for no reason?

 You had your meal a couple of hours ago, and you start craving for something spicy! If you do remember such an incident, try to recall whether you had enough sleep that day.

A report from advocates that two hormones, ghrelin and leptin, regulate our appetite. While the former stimulates it, the latter helps in suppressing it.

Sleep deprivation disturbs the balance between these hormones, increasing ghrelin levels and reducing the amount of leptin.

If your office canteen also serves you edible, you would see how sleep takes its revenge!

A sleep-rich night will result in a healthy day, keeping you away from gaping hunger. But if you reduce your sleeping time, it will inject more calories into your body.

4.    Good sleepers are great athletes

Do you love playing basketball?

Are you a great footballer?

Is running in your veins?

If it's a yes to any of these questions, then answer one more!

Are you sleep-deprived?

A "no" can tweak your performance in your favorite sport.

But you really are into the deprivation thing, the course will throw you out of the stadium.

For your comfort, the National Sleep Foundation declares a benefit of 10 hours of sleep for athletes.

Including good sleep in your daily routine would work equally with calories and nutrients. You cannot disregard the importance of sleep if athletics fascinates you.

Primarily, your body needs healing after your day's exercise and vigorous physical activities. Your sleep cycle provides exactly the same. It's you that would fall asleep, your brain won’t!

If you value your sleep, it will grant you better coordination, mental functioning, and performance intensity. An athlete is incomplete without energy and speed. Ten hours of sound sleep fills the gap!

5.    Improved emotional and social interaction

Have you yelled at your spouse for nothing so significant? Do the surrounding people irritate you?

Perhaps you are more careless about your sleepy nights. You are not taking your rest time seriously. Sleepless nights hinder social interaction. You lose the capability to judge the situation before reacting.

Just pray you don’t shout at your boss! Possibly, your job is in danger now.

Some people fail to differentiate between happiness and anger.

Imagine your friend asking for a hangout (offering a treat for the first time!), and you end up splitting your anger on them.

Holy shit! You lost the chance of partying with your friend, spoiling your relations.

Imagination won't take time to turn into reality if you keep cheating your sleep schedule over time. Studies suggest that poor sleep blocks your mind that is busy in processing emotional information. You fail to care about the emotions and expressions of other people around you

6.    Risk-free mental health

Poor sleep is a dominant string that connects your mind with depression.

In fact, studies suggest that 90% of depression is the result of inadequate sleep quality. Excessive thinking, emotional trauma, and other dreadful experiences keep you awake the whole night.

You may feel like a ghost roaming about your house for no reason.

Sleeping disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea also give a helping hand to depression which ultimately results in death from suicide.

Some of you may think of tricking sleep with the weekend.

Do you think two days can patch up your ignorance with seven nights?

What if YOU are against your sleep, your brain supports it. Even if you spend the entire weekend with your blanket and pillow, your mind cannot compromise seven hours every night.

Making a perfect sleeping schedule can prevent you from troubling yourself and your family with sleepwalking.

Stop threatening your family of strange voices and actions! Get a comfortable pillow and mattress. Sleep and let sleep!

Well, we hope you’re not bored. If you are, then it’s not our post, it’s your sleeping mind behind.

Don’t wait for turning into the king of the night to realize the importance of sleep in your life. After all, it's up to you how to have a great day with "productive nights".